Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your kid grade is dropping down due to school lockdowns, and you have no idea what to do about.

  • Your kid isn’t following up with his school online teacher and keep losing focus.

  • You are busy and can’t tutor your kid all the time or keep an eye over him while studying

  • Your kid has Math weaknesses and he his behind his fellow pupil.

  • You are struggeling to teach your kid math and find it very stressful and demanding.

Introducing the Mental Math For Kids Course.

We teach your kids how to confidently solve math and concentrate on the question details.

  • Step-step Guidance to confidently solve any mathematical problem using his Mental Math skills .

  • Develop your kid's Concentration Skills to help them function better in their academic and social skills.

  • Practice gamified questions & Memory exercises, to maintain their interest and amplify their memory & focus skills.

  • Boost your kid's confidence levels, whether it's in the socially with their friends or while problem-solving.

Course curriculum

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